The Hotond is the longest climb in Flanders. You can approach it from various sides, but the most famous climb of the Hotond is, of course, coming from the north. Do not worry about the first two kilometres, which only rise slightly. In Zulzeke, follow the Zulzekestraat in the direction of the Hotond; you must travel diagonally to the left and then you are in the Hoogbergstraat. Then it starts; are you ready?
It ascends considerably in two parts. The most strenuous 500 meters arrive when you approach the houses near the woods. The average Increase is 7%. After that, the road seems as good as flat again; you now ride to the final part of the climb. Turn right onto the provincial road and you will still have a climb of 5% on average ahead of you in the last kilometre. Admit it, you cannot but stop at the Hotond Café.